josie banner 3“Emotive”, “wonderful”, “simply and utterly sublime”, “phenomenal” are all words used to describe Josie’s performances. Josie has contributed to a host of award-winning and critically acclaimed albums. She provides affordable string arrangements and remote, online string recording for albums, commercials, films, video games, and more. Her clients include top producers and composers worldwide. In addition, Josie produced guitarist Tom Carleno’s award-winning “Perfect Imperfection”, Zone Music Awards Best Acoustic Instrumental 2014.

Josie’s appearance on “March of the Timeshifters”                                                                  

“Jim Combs‘ ongoing instrumental concern, Sensitive Chaos, benefits greatly from the participation of Josie Quick on the new album March of the Timeshifters, as her violin brings a welcome warmth and depth to the title track and”Gypsy Moth Dance,” in particular.” Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer, September 7, 2015

“Quick shines on “Gypsy Moth Dance,” slipping through Combs’ spattering synth droplets. She takes the front mid-track, and delivers on the title’s promise with fire, flair, and drama. She lays down more beauty on “Cream and Variations,” whipping upward-curling spirals into the air like laughter. As always, Good’s sax winds like a silk ribbon through the proceedings. Listen to the way “The Romance of Train Travel” builds-rising up out an almost-ambient hush, each player dovetailing into place to deepen the sound. The subtle chugging is a nice touch that carries throughout. When Good rolls in and Quick starts playing off him, it’s bound to make you smile.”John Shanahan, Hypnagogue, January 8, 2016

Josie on various projects with Timothy Wenzell

“Josie Quick, violinist, is the only accompaniment in Horseman – Wenzel plays everything else in the form of one keyboard or another – and is featured on all but two tracks, adding a good deal of wind, sky, and skirling cloudwork to the compositions, not to mention rustic fragrances and memories.” April 20, 2016 Mark Tucker

 “Throughout the album, the weeping of the violin adds a delicious mystique to many of the pieces, almost a gypsy-like tone to several others.”

“Josie is an exceptionally talented musician and an inspiring addition to Timothy’s imaginative album.” April 04, 2016 Michael Diamond

 “The album features the musical artistry of Wenzel coupled with the beautiful violin of Josie Quick…

At the beginning of this post, so many words ago. I said that one of the things that I liked about the album was the violin of Josie Quick. I need to find more of her music. I have discovered that she is a member of the progressive groups Perpetual Motion, The Coyote Poets of the Universe and the Frontnera String Quartet. She also is a teacher at the Swallow Hill Music Association in Colorado. So I am off to check out their music!!” August 06, 2016 Ed Karn

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