“How To Play Blues Fiddle”

Introducing a brand new e-course for string players!

How To Play Blues Fiddle

Give blues fiddle a try with this free sheet music! Play along with the first two choruses of Rock Me Mama and see how much fun it is. You’ll be hooked!

First two choruses of Rock Me Mama 

Are you a violinist looking to

    • Explore non-classical styles?
    • Stretch your creativity?
    • Learn how to improvise?
  • Master new skills?

Are you a teacher looking for

  • Something fun and inspiring for your students?
  • A way to foster creativity?
  • A way to incorporate non-classical styles into your curriculum?

I am super excited about this new video E-course. I have videos on how to get that swing feel, how to play back up, and tips on improvising to name a few. I have play-along videos with PDFs of the transcribed solos available.  Whatever your skill level, there is something there for you. 

Backwater Blues FREE Sheet Music

The course includes these videos:

  • Getting that Swing Feel
  • Playing Blues Back up 1 & 2
  • Play-Along Video – Long Old Road
  • Play-Along Video – Back O’ Town Blues
  • PDF transcriptions

More to come including

  • Blues scales and how to practice them
  • Riffs and how to use them
  • Playing fills
  • Creating a solo
  • Improv tricks
  • And more play-along videos!

Check out the link for free transcriptions!

Learn more here and get my course

What folks are saying about it:

“Wow, this is pro. Excellent visual and audio. Laid out well and looks as if it can be useful for several levels of

players. Nice Job Josie!!”
James Chandler-Sol Vista Violins

“Josie combines a wide range of violin skills with an easy-to-follow, relaxed, and fun teaching style. The combination of play-along videos and downloadable sheet music has been a great way to get in the blues fiddle mode, so different from my original violin training!” – Gretchen F.

“I love Josie’s online blues fiddle content.

In a 3-in-1 video, Josie shows how to play the melody and the backup plus you can see the accompanying guitar player. If you play the melody first and then want to do a round of backups, you don’t have to try and figure out whether you are on the correct beat, you actually see it. And you can watch the guitar player for cues as to how to play backup in a band. She also explains how she dresses up the music with different blues licks and gives a detailed explanation of some of the licks that make the blues sound so great.

Josie shows the backup chords fingerings really well, explains a shuffle pattern for the 12-bar blues, and teaches how to swing notes to get that bluesy feel. Accompanying each backup and swing video are links to one or more tracks that are great for practicing and making learning at your own pace fun. I am looking forward to the upcoming lessons 😊.

Personally, I find the tier with the sheet music very helpful, especially for learning the blues licks, and would recommend the content to anyone who wants to learn how to play the blues fiddle. The website also has a messaging feature that lets you ask questions about the content or request a video of a song or technique that you would like to learn.” – Ann Z.”

“Omg – Josie…this is all fabulous! You are an inspiration to us all! I listened to the whole thing too. Everything is so well organized and great info, easy to understand, and love the page with the prices (can’t go wrong with that…so low!) Like that you put on background music while you demonstrated the scales. You inspired me to get back to it!!!! Kudos!!!” -Star E.