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What type of events do you do?

I provide music for public and private events of all sorts. Perpetual Motion performs indoor and outdoor concerts, music festivals, art events, holiday parties, corporate events and weddings. The Frontera String Quartet specializes in weddings, and also performs for corporate events and concerts. As a solo violinist, I have provided music for art gallery openings, private parties, film premiers, holiday parties, weddings, open houses, and many more.

I want to hire you to play for my wedding. What do you usually do?

I usually start playing prelude music while the guests are being seated for about twenty minutes before the ceremony. Then I play ceremony music that including music for bridesmaids, the bridal processional, incidental music, and a recessional. You choose the ceremony music. I have a repertoire list you can use. Then I play postlude music as the guests leave the ceremony site.

How do I choose music for my wedding ceremony?

You can listen to the clips on the Guitar and Violin or the Frontera String Quartet page. Those are the most common requests for ceremony music.

What if what I want isn’t on your list?

Ask! We are constantly adding new music and may have it already. If we don’t, we’re happy to do one or two requests, providing that sheet music is readily available. Sometimes there’s an additional cost if music needs to be purchased.

My wedding’s outside. What do you need?

Outdoor weddings do require shelter from sun and possible rain showers. A canopy is ideal. For an additional charge I am able to provide my own canopy if the venue does not have one. The temperature needs to be at least 65F for us to be able to play outside.

Do you need amplification?

Typically a string quartet does not use amplification. I don’t use amplification for solo violin unless specifically asked for. My violin is loud, and carries well. When performing with the guitarist we do use an amplifier, and need an electrical outlet for that.

What else do you need?

For weddings we need chairs without arms for all the players. If we need to use amplification we need to have an electrical outlet. For concert settings we can provide our own PA for smaller venues, for larger venues we require a sound engineer and stage area.

Do you do receptions?

Yes! For receptions I usually play jazz standards and contemporary music. I throw in lots of love songs.